Vehicle wireless entry and start keys work by emitting a radio frequency signal. When the key is close enough to the vehicle, it reads this signal and tells the vehicle its authorised to open and start. Thieves have now found a way to boost and replicate your car keys signal allowing them to gain access and drive away in your pride and joy.



Relay Hackers are car thieves that use a device which amplifies your vehicles key signal (from up to 30 meters away). This tricks your car into thinking that the key is in close proximity and safe to open.





Relay Hacker car thieves work in pairs to steal your vehicle or remove valuables in an average of sixty seconds! One hacker will stand by your front door holding one part of the hacking device (the amplifier part), the other hacker stands by your vehicle with the receiver part of the device. The Hacking device amplifies your vehicles key signal from anywhere inside your house and transmits this to the other part of the device near your vehicle, tricking your vehicle into thinking the key is present. The car hacker thieves are then free to open, gain access to and drive away your car!.


Car thefts reached an all time high for 2019 with over 120,000 vehicles stolen with this number expected to increase for 2020.